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First blog post! How it Started...

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I'm finally sitting down to write my very first blog post ever and I have no idea exactly what to say, but I get ideas as I write, so how about a history of Luna Engineering? Yes, that idea came to me as I wrote that first sentence, and yes, I am definitely writing this instead of cleaning up the giant stack of retirement account papers that I have zero idea what to do with.

This blog isn't going to be your typical engineering company blog - it's going to be full of real life. And truth bombs. And probably my dogs, since we're keeping it real. Oh, and also my husband. I wouldn't be able to do this without him.

Starting my own company was never about being brave, it was about being happy.

When I first quit my job and started this company, many, many people told me how brave I was to go out on my own, but the truth is that I never really thought of myself as being brave. I just wasn't happy. Instead of complaining, I did something about it. Ok, maybe a bit of complaining, but then I did something about it.

The story of Luna Engineering actually starts in Summer 2018... (dreamy sitcom flashback time)

I had just told my boss that my husband and I were moving from Houston, Texas to Columbus, Ohio (hello wildly different climate!) for his new job. The news came just a mere 7 months after starting that job. This was a dream come true job and I was devastated to leave, even though I had barely been there for half a year. The company and I tried very hard to find a way for me to continue working there, but remotely. The only legal and plausible option was for me to start my own company (bug), but this was a really volatile time: moving to a new state, selling one house post-Harvey, buying another, and not knowing ANYONE besides my husband. I just couldn't justify the financial risk so I decided to try to find a position at another company in Columbus.

I decided to try for a big company this time - my husband's job had already moved us twice, so I needed something more flexible in case we moved again in another two-four years. I did end up landing a job at large, global engineering firm and things were going pretty well, but I was still hung up on my old job. It felt like I had lost a part of me when I moved - not just a great career opportunity with upward mobility, but many wonderful friends. And did I mention just the city of Houston in general? I mean, we literally named our first Golden Retriever after the Houston Rockets. Oh, and the food!

"It's all about finding the balance."

A few months after starting this new job, my old boss contacted me and asked if I could finish a report that I had started before I left - on my own time and with my own equipment of course (bug). I wanted to say yes very badly, but it was against my new company's policy, so I regretfully said no.

The new job got more and more time consuming and while I enjoyed the projects and the people, it did start to add up. Then we got a puppy (you're welcome for the photo) and I found it harder and harder to find balance in my life. My mental load was above capacity. And you know that life is all about finding the balance anyway (if you know, you know).

Fast forward to Summer 2019, and we are at the zoo for my husband's company fun day. His boss asks me how my new job is going, and of course my husband piped right up and said that I wasn't happy. His boss looked me right in the eye and said,

"Why don't you start your own company?"

I didn't have an answer. Why don't I start my own company? Truthfully, the bug of working for my old company was hibernating in the back of my head and this was the only way to do it.

So I pondered for another month or two, spent awhile praying about it, and then finally brought it up to my husband. I spent a few weeks researching initial costs, legal steps, getting clients, software needs, etc. I called my very first boss and asked his advice - I call him my engineering dad and he calls me his engineering daughter. I asked my actual parents (who have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams), my uncle (who is also an engineer), and I asked other peers and friends for advice and their blessing. Once I had a good plan together, we decided to go for it. Starting my own company was never about being brave, it was about being happy.

Eevee puppy photo credit to Marissa Hendrix.

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